2011: The Year That Was

It’s been a strange year, hasn’t it? Many have pegged the year as one of global upheaval, when things have fallen apart all around the world and all we could do as individuals was tweet about it. The year has raised further questions about the upcoming generation (not that anyone has had faith in upcoming generations since the early 1700’s) and there’s widespread panic that technology has continued to make us lazier and slower. It’s been a year where we’ve had widespread infrastructure breakdowns, floods, earthquakes and riots and it’s also been a year when the world has hailed Lady Gaga and Rebecca Black as revolutions in music. It’s been a year when someone called Snoop Dogg is slightly more popular than Saddam Hussein, and a year where 12 year olds are more confident about the words to Party Rock Anthem than their own National Anthem.

Seeing no logic in the behaviour of society, people resorted to planking.

No year is complete without some kind of a financial meltdown, it seems to be fashionable for at least one country to declare that their currency is worthless at one point or another to trigger global unrest, but this time things were taken to the next level when a group of countries decided that they’d do so together, perhaps just to get a little more attention than Zimbabwe in 2010.

The internet continues to blossom with weird photographs.

In August, NASA announced that theΒ Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter had captured photographs of possible water sources on Mars, but seeing no sign of an alien invasion or an Autobot symbol embedded in the planet, people lost interest within seconds. Dan Schechtman won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, but since no one gives a shit, he didn’t talk a lot about it.

End October, the United Nations declared that the world had reached a population of seven billion people. Still no word on which one of these seven billion people will be able to make sense of the movie “Bride Wars”. These seven billion people however have unanimously agreed that the coolest person of the year is Ryan Gosling.

HTC is still being allowed to make cell phones, Mozilla releases a new version of Firefox every three hours, Microsoft continues to develop new versions of Windows and Apple has trapped a woman in the new iPhone.

Even after so much advancement in technology, no one has a color photograph of the moon in 2011.

Syria, Libya and Egypt saw an array of protests with people taking to the streets and hurling molotov cocktails at one another. Worldwide news agencies went ballistic and fired out news report after news report. Analysts concluded that the protesters were just pissed off about too much sand. Meanwhile Prince William and Kate Middleton got married.

Rupert Murdoch and the phone hacking scandal came into the picture, various news agencies claiming that Murdoch had tapped into various phone lines and listened in on conversations nationwide in Britain. Later in the year, Rupert Murdoch was named as the person with the most amount of free time on his hands.

Leaving all that behind, we move to a bright new 2012 with fresh resolutions (85% of them are the same as the ones made from the transition from 2010 to 2011). We do however, move into 2012 bearing in mind that the world might end this year. Seeing as how the last 4,087 predictions of the world ending haven’t come true, why pay attention to this one? The obvious answer of course is because John Cusack was in a movie about this particular prediction.

Not sure about everyone else, but I think once December 21, 2012 comes and goes, the world should unanimously shout, “FAIL!” at the Mayans. And in case the asteroid does hit, the world can unanimously shout, “FAIL!” at me. Just giving everyone an excuse to unanimously shout.

Still no word on Santa Claus, the manhunt continues.



  1. Kim · January 10, 2012

    I’m serious, do something with your writing skills! You’re good Av =)

  2. Arjun · January 10, 2012

    hhehehehee….good one!!!!

  3. prachi · January 10, 2012

    loved it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ wonderful writing and great way of portaying it

  4. payel roy burman · January 10, 2012

    Thats a nice summary of the 365 days that just went by!!
    keep it up πŸ™‚

  5. roshni · January 10, 2012

    simply phenomenal !

  6. Avtar · January 10, 2012

    Thanks a lot guys! =)

  7. Shreya · January 10, 2012

    A good comprehension of the year that passed by and hope that the predictions that has been going round for the past God knows how many years doesn’t come true……
    I wish this year the good old Man Anna as we know him doesn’t have 2 starve…….

  8. Tanu · January 10, 2012

    gud work Avtar……. really very well written gud flow.n ..gud work……proud f u ………….happy new year !!!

  9. shireen · January 10, 2012

    hehehe such a true blog πŸ˜› im sure on 21st december there will be event parties arnd the world, saying lets celebrate the last day n shit πŸ˜› avtar too good yaar

  10. KBT · January 10, 2012

    It reminds me of almost everything happened in ’11(globally)… As always, u hv done a fab job!!!

  11. Anita Ram Singh · January 10, 2012

    hey this is amazing Avtar.Proud of you!! Mom

  12. Aashima · January 10, 2012

    …and hence, Your Honour, I rest my case. πŸ™‚

  13. Gagan chhatwal · January 10, 2012

    Good writing !!! and ya bhaiya 2011 had done a lot of resolutions but was not able to complete a lot of them totalli true hope 2012 would be a good and innovative year 

  14. Etisha · January 10, 2012

    Great sense of humor (as usual) :P. I totally agree with Ryan Gosling being the coolest guy πŸ™‚ The write up is informative and brilliantly written . Well done baby πŸ™‚

  15. Avtar · January 11, 2012

    Mom, I get most of this talent from you! πŸ˜‰

    Etisha, I knew you’d agree with the Ryan Gosling part at least! =D Thanks for the sweet words doll, good to know you liked it. =)

    KBT, always uplifting to read your comments, hence why I press you so much to read them!

    Sheenu, haha, always great to see your feedback on the posts! Good to know you approve of this one too! πŸ˜‰

    Aashima, really sweet of you. Thanks! And looks like you’re already getting geared up for your courtroom battles. =P

    Thanks Shreya, Tanu and Gagan, your comments are always appreciated. =)

  16. surreal yogin · January 11, 2012

    Like how you finished it! I share your sentiments on 21st Dec 2012 as well. Cheers!

  17. chana · January 11, 2012

    technical! true…lot of advancement nd no color photograph of d moon!
    written very well.. the photograph of d turtle(burger-eD),, the line on santa… and yes 2012!! really liked it..!

  18. nitinpshukla · January 11, 2012

    Moderately entertaining. Something I might enjoy reading with a quick coffee.

  19. raveena shadija · January 11, 2012

    What a great briefing to the events of 2011 !
    Couldnt be better πŸ™‚

  20. April · January 11, 2012

    Haha, very nice read! You captured 2011 brilliantly. I agree with the weird photos popping up on the internet and the prediction of the world ending (Y2K anyone?!), among others. So sad about the music though, ugh those 2 will never be considered revolutionary musicians in my book. =p

  21. Avtar · January 12, 2012

    Haha, thanks Suhas and Raveena. =)

    Chana, I know right? What’s up with that? Thanks so much for the kind words. =)

    Nitin, get more quick coffees.

    April, good to know you liked it and thanks so much! =D I left music and movies out of it to a large extent really, because then I probably wouldn’t have stopped rambling. =P

  22. Harsha Sharma · January 12, 2012

    Nice one πŸ™‚ Didnt knw u were a good writer too!!

  23. Siddhant Khurana · January 13, 2012

    Impressive… The best part was when u wrote apple trapped a woman in their iPhone..

  24. purva j · January 17, 2012

    ha ha…this is the first time i am reading your blog and i enjoyed every second… πŸ˜€

  25. manish pareeek · January 18, 2012

    Awesome bit of writing with thought process and humour

    Best Part:
    Even after so much advancement in technology, no one has a color photograph of the moon in 2011


  26. Chetan · January 27, 2012

    brilliant! πŸ˜€

  27. Apurva · February 6, 2012

    Nice and witty!

  28. Avtar · February 14, 2012

    Thanks Harsha and Siddhant, appreciate it. =)

    Purva, I think I told you before that you should head on here some more. =P But thanks!

    Manish, I knew you’d like that part. =D

    Thanks Chetan and Apurva. =)

  29. tanushree · February 27, 2012

    so funny… πŸ™‚ very well written! i shud just read ur blog at the end of each yr…such a waste of time to check the newspapers everyday! πŸ˜›

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